The year is 2110. The world is at peace. The World Union Goverment presides over the population. The AInnection provides high speed data transmission and shared knowledge with Artificial Intelligence. Prosthetic advancement has easen the life of people and Augmentations improves it.

Or so they SAY…

What is Future Unknown?

Future Unknown is an adventure game playing with a scenario of the possible future. It is meant to instigate ideas and explore what might be next in our evolution.


Future Unknown is the by-product of the curious mind of one-man team of Cosmin – Game Designer from Games Design and Art at the University of Southampton.


The future has interested me for as long as I remember. Finding awsome stuff on the internet about the latest technologies and how they improve life always got me going. For a while now I also thought about the downsides of such technology, as everything always comes with a cost.

I did explore views of it through different games such as Deus Ex or Mass Effect. While I did share ideas on how the technology affects the future, some of mine were not present to the degree that I wanted. Of course I took the first opportunity to express them and share them through this project.

I also enjoy hearing other people’s opinion on the subject, so the secondary motivation behind the game is to instigate discussions about the possibilities of our close future.

Where to find

In the menu at the top of the page – direct link to Play the Beta (it’s in browser). Alongside there is the link to the development area, should you be interested in it and also a link to my Twitter Feed if you want to get in touch.

If you just want to play click:



A gallery of works in progress and finished assets of the game. It does get updated every couple of weeks.

Video Blogs

Video Blogs talking about different aspects of production of the game.

Research and importance
Creative Workflow for Game
Learning Godot
Solving Small Issues
Crediting Extra Asset Makers
Dialogue System Quick Look
From Idea to Game – Accompanie by In-Game Music